Sunday funday
The Magician
The second card that I’ve had time to finish, and I’m so pleased with it. 
The constellation in the sky is that of my zodiac sign, Leo. 
This is only a rough draft though. If I ever get around to finishing the whole deck I’ll probably color them.
The research is the fun part :)
This is what happens when I draw high. I love it.
Everyone who has an instagram should go follow my art page!!! Right now I’m putting some of my favorite pieces up but there will be new work soon! I promise!! 
I’m also working on getting a website up and going too!!
Thank you for your support everyone (:
Closeup of my self portrait 
Drawn using a mirror and a pencil, no reference photo needed
I’m so happy with it :))
Here’s a sneak peek of my next project (:Maybe posting this will get me excited enough to get off my ass and finish it haha
0-The FoolHere’s a little sneak peek of the Tarot cards I’ve been working on
Late night chameleons
Chris Gallien by Alexa Wolfkiel
A quick portrait of my friend. I’ve missed being able to draw/paint so much… it feels good to be back in the swing of things.
Rihanna by Alexa Wolfkiel
I just fell back in love with my Prismacolor markers
Anonymous said: Did you use a mirror to draw that self portrait or did you go off a picture?

imageI used a mirror for my first self portrait (look in my artwork link if you want to see that one, it’s in there somewhere) I was originally going to paint this picture but it turned out like crap so I decided to draw it instead.
I love how it turned out.

Self Portrait No. 2 I’m so happy with it