Excuse the mess that is my room but I made a really kickass Greek goddess costume for a party last night and I kinda want to show it off :)))))))
I’m in love with these party lightsss
From the other day
I haz bangs now and I love em๐Ÿ˜˜
I’ve been fangirling over @xamthespaniard ever since my new shirts came in the mail this morning. As if I already wasn’t fangirling enough to begin with….

Check him out —-> lefthandtricks.tumblr.com
Jeriel and I (the two on the left) got to dance on stage during Beats Antique’s set at Buku Fest this year and it was crazy!!!! 
I almost died trying to breathe/see out of that insane animal mask but it was all so worth it because I met Zoe Jakes (((and let me tell you, she’s as sweet as she is gorgeous and talented)))
Hoping to see them again for the third time on May 7 in Nashville, TN!!!

If any of y’all were there and have pics/vids of this you should send them this way I’ll love you forever
Progress on my back piece!!
Two or three more sessions to go, let’s see if I can live through it
He passed away seven years ago on December 23rd… he had a tat of a banner and a heart with my name on it so I thought it would be cool to get one for him. I miss him more than anything and I just hope if he could see me now that he’d be proud of his little girl. 
I love you… I love you
Done by Jordan Lutz at The Walk In Warrior tattoo shop in Baton Rouge, LA
First selfie I’m putting up here in ages…only because I’m in love with my new arm band tattoos <333
"Beauty is that Medusa’s head which men go armed to seek and sever. It is most deadly when most dead, And dead will stare and sting forever." 
- Archibald MacLeish, “Beauty”
Zeds Dead, baby ;)
There’s only eight more days until my birthday and I’m really happy about it so here’s my face