"Paradise is at your own center; unless you find it there, there is no way to enter."
Angelus Silesius. Priest (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Ellen Eagle - Elements of portraiture

You know how people say “get rid of the ‘friends’ in your life who drag you down instead of lift you up”
Well yeah… I (naively) never thought that advice would apply to me and I certainly never thought that I’d be forced to let go of a friendship that has lasted almost 7 years in order to move forward with my life and see my dreams become reality.
But here we are and here I go…


Tiger Stadium looking kinda cool I guess.

I see him live in April!
I’m reminded of this way too often

Attributed to Hugues Jean François Paul Duqueylard, Orpheus (Detail), 18th/19th Century